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Welding & Fabrication Services in Vinita, OK

Are you in need of welding and fabrication services? With a full roster of highly trained technicians and a large selection of welding services, GKT Truck Repair is likely the best place to be! Whether you need your heavy-duty truck’s frame restored or the boom on your wrecker welded back together, you can count on us to get the job done. One of our more common welding services is exhaust repair. Whether you’ve got an exhaust leak or a rusty catalytic converter that needs to be replaced, we’ll weld in new parts and get your system patched up. The same goes for your heat shields, frame reinforcements, skid plates, and any other component that may need to be welded back together.

Common Welding Services

Frame Restoration

Has your frame rusted away over the years? If you drive through the rust belt, chances are your frame is starting to rust and fall apart. Fortunately, we here at GKT Truck Repair offer frame restoration services. We’ll either reinforce your frame or cut out sections and replace them with new steel or aluminum. Does this sound like something you need? Give us a call to hear more. 

Exhaust Repair

Since your heavy-duty truck’s exhaust sits quite low, it’s more susceptible to rust build-up and contact with road debris. If your exhaust is worn down or damaged, give us a call. We’ll weld your exhaust back together to make it stronger and more effective. Once we’re done with it, you’ll never have to worry about exhaust leaks ever again. 

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