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Electrical issues can be very frustrating. There’s nothing worse than a component malfunctioning when you need it to work most. Whether it be your windshield wipers not working in the rain, or malfunctioning exterior lights, we’ve got the tools and experience to resolve your issue. Unlike other shops, we use OEM Diagnostic software for Cummins, Paccar, Service Ranger, and Detroit Diesel engines. We’ll have your electrical system back up and running in no time!

Common Electrical Issue Causes

Heightened Current Flow

Sometimes when components that are connected to your electrical system malfunction, the current flowing through your system exceeds what other components can handle. Fortunately, heavy-duty vehicles are equipped with fuses to prevent this current from wreaking havoc across your vehicle’s electrical system. When too much current flows through a fuse, the fuse blows and breaks the circuit. This protects components from damage but leaves them inoperable until the initial issue is fixed. 

Water Damage

One of the biggest causes of electrical problems is water damage. When water comes in contact with your electrical system, things start to fry. Since water is a very good conductor of electricity, it may cause large portions of your wiring system to short circuit. Symptoms include dash lights that come on sporadically, sensors being tripped for no apparent reason, and malfunctioning equipment. 

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