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Since heavy-duty axles are the only drivetrain component directly connected to your wheel hubs, they generally take the brunt of an overloaded heavy-duty vehicle. If your truck carries too much weight, your axles risk warping or snapping. A snapped axle can no longer deliver power to your wheel, meaning your remaining axles will try and compensate, furthering the risk that they snap too. Fortunately for anyone dealing with damaged heavy-duty axles, we here at GKT Truck Repair have axle replacement services sure to meet your every need! Whether you’d like to replace worn axles or get an upgraded version installed, we’ve got you covered!

What Causes Worn or Damaged Heavy-Duty Axles? 

Overloaded Axles

There are many ways in which you can overload your heavy-duty axle. Most assume that the only way to overload an axle is to surpass your cargo capacity rating, but that’s not entirely true. When driving over uneven terrain, your axles also fight against gravity and various g-forces. This makes the risk of snapping or warping an axle exponentially higher, especially if you’re also near or at your weight limit. Fortunately, uneven terrain is often only a concern for logging trucks and construction vehicles. 

Inadequate Preventive Maintenance

Like many of the other moving components in your heavy-duty commercial vehicle, axles need to be lubricated at all times. Generally, axles and their corresponding differentials share the same fluid, so be sure never to operate your heavy-duty vehicle with a differential leak. Even if you don’t have a fluid leak, it’s important to change your axle lubricant at least once a year, for it does break down over time. 

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