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Preventive Maintenance Services in Vinita, OK

Are you looking to lengthen the lifespan of your heavy-duty vehicle, save money, and prevent unexpected breakdowns? If so, you should definitely look into our preventive maintenance services. Here at GKT Truck Repair, we do everything from brake jobs to transmission fluid flushes and everything in between. We’ll have your heavy-duty truck running better than it’s ever run before. Our services will make your heavy-duty vehicle’s major components last for years to come. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

Common Preventive Maintenance Services

Heavy-duty Brake Jobs

The brakes on your heavy-duty vehicle need to be proactively maintained in order to avoid unexpected brake failure. Heavy-duty brake systems are quite complex, but their maintenance regimen is actually quite straightforward. Over time, your brake pads and rotors wear down and must be replaced. Generally, this is accompanied by a brake caliper cleaning in which rust and other debris are removed from the caliper’s surface. Combine this with routine inspection of your brake lines, whether they be fluid or compressed air, and your brakes should always be reliable. 

Oil and Fluid Changes

Every moving component within your vehicle has fluid of some sort that needs to be changed regularly. Some fluids are designed to lubricate moving parts, whereas others are designed to absorb heat. Over time these fluids break down and become less effective at their jobs. For example, when engine oil breaks down, your moving components aren’t lubricated well enough, increasing friction and heat. Your engine coolant, on the other hand, eventually loses its ability to absorb heat, which can cause your engine to overheat. 

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