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GKT Truck Repair is a full-service heavy-duty repair shop founded in January of 2021. As former truck drivers ourselves, we here at the shop have a unique insight into the heavy-duty trucking industry. We know the wants and needs of drivers who visit us, and we do our best to meet them because they’re our top priority. We value our customers like family, and we always will. GKT Truck Repair started as a family-run shop designed to simply repair our own equipment. Nowadays, we take in customers from all over the region. High-quality services for high-quality people. 

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High-Tech Solutions

Unlike other family-owned shops, we don’t do things the old-fashioned way. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the times and industry changes. Here at GKT Truck Repair, we’ve developed our processes to be as high-tech as possible. Whether it be diagnostic tools or programming equipment, we only use the best gear. When getting your heavy-duty truck serviced, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the high-tech service you deserve.

From Truckers For Truckers

As former truck drivers, we understand that breakdowns don’t always happen during regular work hours. It’s far too difficult for truckers to get help during the nighttime, so in an effort to remedy this issue, we strive to be open 24/7. Whether you need emergency roadside assistance, mobile repair, or even in-shop work, we do our best to be available at all times.

Find The Right Service

At the end of the day, you’ll be able to find any service you require here at GKT Truck Repair. We like to consider ourselves as an all-encompassing service provider. Whether you need large-scale engine repair or simple preventive maintenance, you’ll find it all here at our shop. 

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