HEavy-duty Truck Repair Service in Vinita, Oklahoma

GKT Truck Repair is a full-service heavy-duty repair shop. As former truck drivers ourselves, we here at the shop have a unique insight into the heavy-duty trucking industry. We know the wants and needs of drivers who visit us, and we do our best to meet them because they’re our top priority. We value our customers like family, and we always will. High-quality services for high-quality people.

Our Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Service

Here at GKT Truck Repair we offer any service you require. We like to consider ourselves as an all-encompassing service provider. Whether you need large-scale engine repair or simple preventive maintenance, you’ll find it all here at our shop. 
Our Services


Are you broken down on the side of the road? Do you need help with a flat tire or an overheating engine? If you said yes, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a technician to your location.

General Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Looking to get a variety of minor issues fixed on your heavy-duty truck? Here at GKT Truck Repair, we offer general truck repair services of all kinds. Whether you need new windshield wipers or new glow plugs, we’ve got you covered.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Are you looking for a shop that repairs heavy equipment? If so, you’ve found us! We here at GKT Truck Repair love working on heavy equipment of all kinds. Whether you’ve got a damaged heavy-duty wrecker or a bulldozer with bad brakes, we’ve got you covered.

Truck & Trailer Mobile

Looking for a shop that will come to your job site and fix your heavy-duty trucks and heavy equipment? If so, you’ve found one! We here at GKT Truck Repair perform all sorts of repairs on a mobile basis. Engine repair, preventive maintenance, and so much more!

Preventive Maintenance

Are you looking for a heavy-duty repair shop that offers a large selection of preventive maintenance services? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We do everything from rust prevention to oil and fluid changes! Call today to schedule an appointment.

DOT Inspections

Does your heavy-duty truck weigh more than 10,000 pounds? If so, you must obtain a DOT inspection certificate on an annual basis. Fortunately, we here at GKT Truck Repair have technicians qualified to perform these inspections! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Welding & Fabrication

Need a heavy-duty repair shop that does welding and fabrication work? Well, GKT Truck Repair is the perfect place for you! We’ve got the gear, technicians, and know-how to get any fabrication job completed. Call today if you have any questions or want to book an appointment.

Heavy-Duty Trailer Repair

Do you need heavy-duty trailer repairs? If so, our shop has the right services for you! Whether you need new weatherproofing, an alignment, or body panels, you can count on us to provide you with the high-quality services you deserve. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Truck Repair Parts

We Sell Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Parts

GKT Truck Repair has parts for heavy duty trucks for many categories that truck drivers regularly require. Some of the categories include Cooling system, Exhaust, Hydraulics & PTO, Trailer parts and more.

Parts Categories

In Shop Heavy-Duty Truck Repair

Here at GKT Truck Repair, we’ve developed our processes to be as high-tech as possible. We offer the best repair solutions for your heavy-duty truck and trailers. Whether it be diagnostic tools or programming equipment, we only use the best gear and most importantly offer the right repair for you.

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