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The idea of preventive maintenance can stress a lot of drivers out, for it’s difficult to know where and when to start. To make things simple, you should start with your oil and fluids. Over time your oil and fluids break down and become less effective at lubricating parts and absorbing heat. Fortunately, our express lube services here at GKT Truck Repair are designed to satisfy the oil and fluids portion of any preventive maintenance regimen. From engine oil changes to differential fluid flushes, you can count on us to keep your fluids up to date and in good shape.

Symptoms of a Poor Oil and Fluids Regimen

Overheating Engine

Is your engine overheating? If so, it may be time to change your engine coolant and engine oil. Over time your engine oil breaks down and fails to lubricate components properly. This increases friction and heat, putting more stress on your coolant system. This extra stress may be too much for your coolant system to handle, especially if you haven’t changed your coolant liquid in a while. By changing your engine oil and engine coolant, your engine should return back to its normal operating temperature. 

Overheating Transmission

If your transmission is overheating, it may be time to change your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid lubricates your gears and prevents heat from building up within it. When this fluid breaks down, friction increases, and the operating temperature of this component rises. If you regularly change your transmission fluid, but the component is still overheating, you may need to install a transmission cooler. They’re commonly found on rigs that work in harsh environments and on rough terrain. 

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