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Heavy-duty diesel engines may seem indestructible, but they’re often not. Whether it be due to poor preventive maintenance or old age, sometimes diesel engine repairs are simply a necessity. Here at GKT Truck Repair, we do engine repairs of all kinds. Whether you need to overhaul your fuel injection system or repair a damaged head gasket, our technicians will get the job done. We’ve got all the right tools and gear to get engine repairs done quickly and effectively. No more waiting around for weeks on end. We’ll have you out of the shop in a jiffy so you can get back to hauling cargo and making money.

Common Heavy-Duty Engine Damage

Blown Head Gasket

Your heavy-duty diesel engine is separated into two parts, the cylinder head, and cylinder block. Between these two parts is a gasket. This gasket allows your engine to swell and contract when at different operating temperatures and also allows for access to your engine’s inner components. When your engine overheats for a prolonged period of time, your head gasket may end up blowing up. Common symptoms include white smoke coming from your exhaust, poor performance, and excessive coolant consumption. 

Stuck EGR Valve

Your EGR system is responsible for recirculating some of your exhaust into your combustion chamber. This lowers your combustion temperature and reduces the production of nitrogen oxides. The component within your EGR system that controls this flow is called an EGR valve. Sometimes this EGR valve can leak or get stuck open, meaning far too much of your exhaust enters your combustion chamber. This can make your engine underperform and run very roughly. 

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