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Truck Coolant System Repair Services in Vinita, OK

Are you looking for a shop that repairs and maintains heavy-duty coolant systems? If so, you can stop searching! Here at GKT Truck Repair, our selection of coolant system services is bound to meet your every need. Whether you need to patch your coolant reservoir or replace your water pump, you can rest assured knowing we’ve got your back. If your coolant system isn’t functioning, your engine will most likely overheat. When this happens, we highly recommend you not operate your heavy-duty vehicle. Diesel engines that are run while overheating are prone to blowing their head gaskets and potentially even exploding.

How do Coolant Systems Work? 

Radiator-Based Coolant Systems

Most heavy-duty trucks use a large radiator-based system as their primary coolant method. First, your water pump pushes coolant through your engine block, allowing the heat of your engine to be absorbed by the coolant. Your engine coolant then exits your engine block and enters your radiator. Your radiator disperses by allowing moving air to flow over your coolant lines.

Oil Coolers

Sometimes radiator-based systems aren’t enough to keep an engine at an adequate operating temperature. To make up for this, many drivers decide to install oil coolers. Oil coolers work in the same fashion as radiators. Oil from your engine exits the block and flows through a smaller radiator, where the oil’s heat is dispersed. Oil does not absorb heat as well as coolant, but it’s still a very effective secondary coolant system. 

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