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Ensuring you’re DOT compliant is more than just a way to avoid a hefty ticket. In reality, it’s a way to ensure you and everyone else on the road are safe. According to the Federal DOT rules and regulations, if your heavy-duty vehicle weighs upwards of 10,000 pounds, you must get your truck DOT certified on an annual basis. The DOT inspection covers everything from your steering assembly to your coupling systems and devices. When coming to our location to get your vehicle inspected, be sure to bring your vehicle’s registration and your commercial driver’s license.

What’s Covered During a DOT Inspection? 

Cargo Related Components

Since heavy-duty trucks carry a lot of heavy cargo on a daily basis, our DOT inspectors will inspect everything from your coupling system to your various fastening devices. This is to ensure your cargo does not come free during transport, which would put you and everyone else on the road in danger. If your coupling system does not have the appropriate components or if they’re present but not fully functioning, you will fail the inspection. The same goes for fastening devices. 

Safety Related Components

Inspecting your safety equipment is by far the most important part of the DOT inspection. Your safety equipment includes your navigation lights, your brakes, your steering assembly, your tires, and your exhaust system. If any of these systems are not functioning correctly, you will fail the inspection. Each one of them is vital to keeping you and your passengers safe while operating your heavy-duty truck. 

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