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Truck Exhaust System Repair Services in Vinita, OK

Many people assume their exhaust is only designed to suppress your engine’s noise, but that’s not true. Your exhaust is also responsible for protecting you and our natural environment from the harmful emissions created within your combustion chamber. Using a series of exhaust pipes, your fumes are moved away from your passenger compartment. This ensures you and your passengers don’t inhale these dangerous fumes. Also, to protect our atmosphere, your exhaust is often equipped with a catalytic converter. This converter traps harmful exhaust fumes using a variety of precious metals.

Symptoms of a Damaged Exhaust

No Noise Suppression

If your heavy-duty truck is far louder than it once was, you likely have an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks are quite concerning, for if the leak is close to your passenger compartment, the fumes may be entering through your floorboards or drainage routes. Inhaling exhaust fumes can cause serious, long-lasting health issues, so be sure to get this leak patched. We here at GKT Truck Repair will weld your exhaust back together and replace any tubing that’s too far gone. 

Rattling and Shaking Sounds

The exhaust fumes moving through your exhaust pipes can be extremely hot, meaning the metal of your pipes also gets hot. In order to protect your heavy-duty vehicle from heat damage, your exhaust is often accompanied by heat shields. These heat shields are a barrier between the heat and an important component. For example, you’ll likely have a heatshield protecting your floorboards and another protecting your fuel tank and lines. If you hear rattling or shaking sounds, these heat shields are likely about to fall off. To prevent heat damage, we highly recommend bringing your truck in for service. We’ll have your heat shields patched up and repaired in no time. 

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