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Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems are designed to lessen your heavy-duty truck’s impact on the environment. When your diesel engine runs, its combustion temperature can get very hot. This heat aids in producing nitrogen oxides, which are quite harmful to our natural environment. Your EGR system counteracts this nitrogen oxide production by recirculating some of your exhaust through a cooler and then into your combustion chamber. This drops your combustion temperature and decreases the number of nitrogen oxides produced. Since this system is very complex, wear and tear aren’t uncommon. Here at GKT Truck Repair, we’re EGR system experts. We’ll have your system up and running better than ever before.

Leaking EGR Valve

One of the most common EGR system problems is a leaking EGR valve. Your EGR valve is responsible for controlling the flow of exhaust fumes going into your combustion chamber. When your valve leaks or gets stuck open entirely, your system no longer controls how much exhaust is recirculated into your combustion chamber. This typically results in excessive amounts of exhaust entering the chamber, which drops the combustion temperature far too low and snuffs out the presence of oxygen. 

Symptoms of a Leaking EGR Valve

If your EGR valve is leaking or stuck open, you may notice various symptoms. First, your engine is likely to run very rough. Since your engine isn’t getting steady amounts of oxygen, your engine isn’t likely to run smoothly. Secondly, you’ll likely experience extremely poor engine performance. This is due to the significantly lower combustion temperature resulting from the excessive coolant flow. 

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